Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Other Stuff I have made

Some Other Treats

Chocolate Flower Pops 
almost any color    $1.75 ea  

Two chocolate dipped bunnies $2.50 ea

 Marshmallow Pops...
white chocolate drizzle, candy coating, chocolate chip, chocolate sprinkle, non parallel, and smores.  
Ideal for favors and gift add ons $3.00 ea
10% discount for orders over 100

Chocolate Smiley Faces & Hearts 1.75 ea  
Peace signs lolly pops are a thicker pop 2.00 ea 

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Pumpkin Patch cupcakes (courtesy of Hello Cupcake) 

We Love Cookies

Valentine Cookies 

Shoe Cookie 

Purse Cookie 

Shoes and Bags 

Summertime cookies 

Watermelon Cookie 

Heart Cookies 

Dino Cookie 

More Heart Cookies 


Sports Balls 

Mickey Mouse Cookies

Movie Stub Cookies 

Cookie Cakes

These Big cookies are 10" and are either brownie, chocolate chip or sugar cookie.  


Little Birds Cake

This was for a baptism 

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