Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Animal baby shower cake

This was a simple little cake for a baby shower.  The concept came from the napkins that they decided to use.  I knew the animal babies had to be on there, but I also liked the polka dots on the napkins, and knew that should be part of the whole concept. 

For the baby animals, you'll notice that all but the giraffe is a circle base.  I started there... 
  • I used a crinkle cut to make the lions head and then layered with a circle and added his facial features 
  • For the elephant it was a matter of ears and a trunk on the circle and then the eyes and the smile 
  • The monkey was simply ears and the half circle for his face again I added the fondant details for the facial features 
  • As for the giraffe I free handed the shape of the head in scale to the other ones I added the half circle for his snout and some polka dots for his "spots", then just ears 

As far as the rest of the cake it was simple buttercream some polka dots, and the welcome baby. 
 The Large circles that the word baby is in I actually pressed with that design.  
First I took a piece of clear clean (wash it, and make sure it is very dry) plastic from packaging, I put it through my cuttle bug machine with the circles embossing plate.  This process created a portable reusable template that I can roll through the pasta machine with the fondant.  Once I roll the fondant  through the machine with my homemade plate I now have a sheet of fondant embossed and ready to cut with circle cookie cutters.  I added the letters I made and they were ready for the cake.  
I love the simple clean look and hope you do too.  

Friday, February 11, 2011

Iphone Cake

This cake was a lot of fun and people really seem to like it.  
I covered a flat sheet cake in buttercream and then simply placed a sheet of fondant on top I left the sides all buttercream in pink because it was for kids and we wanted to keep it tasty.  
The apps I made prior by cutting squares of fondant and creating the look of some well known apps.  
I free-formed the letters from strips of fondant.  
Hope you like it!!  

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