Monday, October 5, 2009

Spring Time Cupcakes

Chrysanthemum Cupcake

Birds nest Cupcake

Butterfly Cupcakes

Chocolate Butterflies (design courtesy of Hello Cupcake) 

Mini Traditional Cupcake

Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes

Girly Polka Dot Cake

Star on the Walk of Fame Cake

Star on the Walk of Fame Cake was for a first birthday with movie star theme please see the matching ticket stub cookies in the We Love Cookies section of this blog. 

Baseball Field Cake - The philadelphia Phillies

Henna Tattoo Cake

This cake was inspired by henna tattoo art.  


Prince with Polka Dots

Polka Dot prince cake with a cookie crown  

First Birthday Prince Cake

Bridal Shower Brown and White

A Bridal Shower Cake 

Square Wedding Cake - Before the flowers

This cake was made very plain and had only a few flowers placed on top 

A Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross for a boys communion 

A Communion Dress

Communion Cake 

Topsy Turvy, Mad Hatter whichever

A Gift - of cake

Monkey Cake

Teddy Grams on Vacation

This is a cake I found in women's day magazine, it was very cute and I had to make it it was very simple and fun to do for complete directions go to 

Mickey Mouse Club House Cake

Full fondant Mickey Mouse Club House Cake for a 3rd birthday party 

Elmo cake with cupcakes


A baby shower cake 

 (design courtesy of Wilton)  


I love making these for Thanksgiving, here is a simple one 

Pekachu Cake

A pea in a Pod

This pea in a pod was for a baby shower and was an invitation inspired design. 


Curious George Cake and a Luau Cake

This Curious George Cake 
cake, I cannot take credit for. Yes I did make it, but the design and conception came from an individual who posted on  One of my customers found it and wanted to have it for her son's 2nd birthday and I simply 
copied the design. I did the same for the following hula girl cake. Thank you to both individuals who came up with these very very cute designs and thank you even more for posting the pics!

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