Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pretty number three Cake

This cake took a simple idea of a number shaped cake and added a few elements to create a simple yet special design.  This cake was requested to remain small and to be the number three but girly.  In order to accomplish this cake and keep it small I cut away the top layer of the cake to make it a 3D number 3.  and made the layers different colors.  I created a 3 template in order to carve the top portion properly.  after a crumb layer and frosting, I added the girly details.  The flowers were made from fondant that I tinted and cut with cookie cutters I also cut small circles and added a silver candy ball for texture.  The butterflies are one of my favorite take aways from a terrific book called Hello Cupcake.  If you are interested in really simple and cute designs from the things you can find in your candy isle the book is for you.   It will teach you simple tricks to using things without having to make them.  The butterflies are the exception to that though, but they only look harder than they are, you can make more than one to practice if your only using one choose the best of many and enjoy eating the rest.   

To make them you want to create the two wing shapes on a piece of paper for the template, then lay parchment paper over top of that, heat your chocolate melts but understand that in small amounts chocolate begins to harden so you have to work swiftly.  Temper both of your colors at once and put them in a piping bag or a ziplock bag, with a small opening.  You want to use your darker color to trace the outer edge of the wing and then come in with your lighter color to fill in the inside.  Use a toothpick to draw up the darker color through the lighter.  Allow the wings to harden.  When they set up you want to use a dollop of icing or a candy to hold the wings in place and then simply fill in the body.  
They are cute and easy and they add a lot of interest to a cupcake or cake 
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