Monday, January 23, 2012

Large Crumb Coffee Cake recipe from Living Eventfully

This past Christmas was a quiet one. We enjoyed the company of each other, friends and our extended family.
In my attempt to create my own Christmas Traditions with my small young family, I went hunting for a  bit of my own childhood love... crumb cake.  Now as my mom always says, she is not a baker.  She loves to cook but never baked.  So the crumb cake I remember as a kid was Entemann's.  Yeah I could have gone to the store and just purchased one, but then I would not be me; so I searched for a recipe.

Every recipe for coffee cake or crumb cake I found looked like large hunk of cake with a thin layer of fine crumbs. I remember this cake with huge crumbs, so I did an image search and came across this beautiful blog called Living Eventfully.  This picture of her cake spoke to me.

I asked Kim-Erin from Living Eventfully if it was okay that I share her recipe for Big Crumb Cake or as she calls it Go big (crumb) or go home - so cutely cleaver I love it!   She agreed and of course I am so thankful. Thanks so much for the beautiful post Kim, I will make this delicious cake forever.

This cake came out moist, delicious, light and oh the crumbs on top -- Yum.   The crumbs come out as big as you can make them and the recipe gives plenty to pile on the batter.  Don't forget to wrap it up tight if your planning on making it ahead of time.

As for Christmas morning, it worked out perfectly! I made this recipe two days before and wrapped the cut pieces well.  When we woke up the kids tore into some gifts of corse, but at some point we all needed a little break.  Mommy got to drink coffee (and eat cake!) instead of starting to make pancakes or something.  No restless kids waiting for breakfast, just nom nom sounds and back to presents!


  1. wow. it's really a good contribution to us guys not good at cakes, you know i did some cakes before but the taste it's not good, then i quit, so if you have interesting, you can load to Formal Dresses

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  2. This cake was awesome as taste and look.


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