Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bah ba da da dahhh, Dahhh da da ...Star Wars Cupcakes

It seems that everyone has a birthday in the fall, it's defiantly a busy time!   

These Star Wars Cupcakes were a request of a great customer of mine, so of course I was excited to make them.  Well that, and it was a challenge I knew I would enjoy.  

We found the idea for these by searching google from an individual who made them prior to me, thank you who ever you are for the idea!  Slight difference in mine... I did not form mine to the head of the cupcake, mine are flat.  Either way they have similarities and differences.  I am forever grateful to all of those people that have created things and posted them online, that fueled my inner designer abilities and my customers desires.

These were a challenge on details and,  in the fact that some I had no idea on who some of the characters were.  I did some research with some descriptive words and was able to find some not all, and to be honest there is at least one guy that I still have no idea who he is.  Either way the Star Wars Cupcakes were a lot of fun!!      

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