Monday, November 15, 2010


I have always loved thanksgiving! I remember the feeling in the air from childhood, not to mention the wonderful smells.  The air though, it was that heaviness of the cold settling in.  Back then it felt refreshing, as I get older, I know it brings on dry skin and cold bones -- I still love thanksgiving though!  

The above cornucopia is one of those WOW projects.  The thing that really impresses people.  When I first started making them I used to make my own bread to put around it but I found an easier way.  

What you'll need: 
Poster board/oaktag paper 
aluminum foil 
3 rolls of refrigerated breadsticks 

  1. Take your poster board/oaktag sheet and cut a triangle shape relative to the size of the cone you would like to make.  
  2. Form your cone shape and use the stapler to put just a few staples to hold it together.  Perfection is not necessary here, just stability.  
  3. Wrap your paper cone in Aluminum Foil.  This may take a few pieces but you want to accomplish two things, first cover all of the paper (making it oven safe), and second forming the tail to any funky shape you may want. 
  4. If your form is a bit soft, stuff the form with some foil to keep it from collapsing from the heaviness of the dough 
  5. Grease your foil/paper form lightly 
  6. Separate your bread sticks dough strips and start from mouth and work back, layering the strips around the form.  Create length around the wider areas by joining the pieces after you have laid them on.  
  7. Add finishing touches by braiding some bread dough strips off the form and then attaching it to the mouth, a bit of water may help this to attach if there is trouble. 
  8. Bake your cornucopia at 350 until it is brown, this timing will vary with how large yours is but a good rule of thumb is what is on the bread dough packaging and watch it closely from there.  
  9. Un-molding is simple, but first let it cool, and it will stiffen.  If you leave a that piece of foil in the tail (as I often do) dont forget to tell those who start eating it

I have had the same paper form for years, it never actually touches food since it is wrapped up in foil and it has held up for years of use!  I think I have only two staples in it now but it holds its shape. Happy Thanksgiving !! 

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